Security Council approves ceasefire proposal between Israel-Hamas in Gaza

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United Nations. The United Nations (UN) Security Council on Monday approved its first resolution aimed at ending the eight-month-long war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The US-backed ceasefire proposal was announced by President Joe Biden. The US says Israel has accepted the proposal. At the same time, all eyes are on the extremist Palestinian group Hamas, which has not accepted this three-phase plan proposal.

Of the 15 member countries of the Security Council, 14 supported the resolution and approved it with a majority, although Russia was absent from the vote. This resolution calls upon Israel and Hamas to fully implement its rules without any conditions and delay. There remains a question mark on whether Israel and Hamas will agree to this plan, but the Security Council has strongly supported this resolution and increased pressure on both sides to approve the resolution.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Israel on Monday, where he urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the post-war plan in Gaza. Not only this, he also advocated putting more international pressure on Hamas to accept the ceasefire proposal. However, Netanyahu’s attitude towards the agreement is doubtful and he said that Israel is committed to destroying Hamas.

Hamas said that it welcomes the move to approve the resolution and is ready to work with mediators instead of direct talks with Israel to implement it. This statement issued by Hamas was one of the strongest statements made so far. Hamas has emphasized in the statement that the extremist group will continue its ‘struggle’ to end the Israeli occupation and will continue to work to make Palestine a fully sovereign country.

Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha said on Tuesday, “Efforts are underway to study and clarify certain matters to ensure Israel’s implementation of the agreement.” He said Israel is procrastinating by continuing aggression and creating obstacles to implementing the agreement.
A senior Israeli diplomat directly mentioned the proposal

He did not do so but told the council that Israel’s stance is firm. He said, “We will not stop until all the hostages are released and Hamas is completely destroyed.” Ministerial adviser Reut Shapir Ben Naftali said, “This also means that Israel will not participate in any futile and endless negotiations that Hamas can only use to buy time.”

US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield reiterated that Israel has accepted the ceasefire agreement, which has been supported by countries around the world. She said that after the vote, the Council has given a clear message to Hamas that it must accept the ceasefire agreement. Greenfield told the Council, “The war can stop today, provided Hamas wants to do so.” She said, “I reiterate that the war can stop today.”

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