‘Shatru Bhairavi Yagna’ is being performed against me, CM Siddaramaiah and the Congress government: Shivakumar

The Uncut

Bangalore. Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar on Thursday claimed that a ritual called “Shatru Bhairavi Yagna”, in which animals are sacrificed, is being performed in a temple in Kerala against him, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Congress government in the state. Without revealing anyone’s name, the head of the Karnataka unit of Congress alleged that some leaders in Karnataka are getting this work done and the help of Aghoris is being taken for this.

Shivkumar was wearing a bracelet and when asked about it, he said, “A very big experiment is going on against me and our government in Kerala. Someone has given me information about this in writing. Someone has told me where this puja is being held and who is doing it.” The Congress leader, while talking to reporters here, alleged that this is being done against him and the Chief Minister.

He said, “Shatru Bhairavi Yagya is being performed near Rajarajeshwari temple in Kerala to destroy the enemies. ‘Pancha Bali’ is being offered for this yagya. Aghoris are being contacted.” He said that the people involved in the ritual have told him who is conducting the yagya in Kerala. When asked if he believes in such yagyas and rituals, he said, “It is based on the faith of the person… let them use anything against me, there is a power in which I believe, it will save me.” When asked if people of BJP or JD (S) are doing this, Shivakumar said, “I know who is doing this, who is getting it done, they are experts in this… I do not want to talk much because you (media) will take it somewhere else. You will also know who these people are.”

Responding to a question whether political people are behind this, he said, “If not political people, who else will do this? Go and see near Rajarajeswari temple (you will know).” He said, “More than their yagna, I have the blessings of God and the people.” When asked if he will do any puja or ritual to counter this, Shivakumar said that every day he prays to God for a minute with folded hands before going to work. He said, “That is why I have so much power and protection.”

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