Should a leader who gets praise from the enemy be allowed to form the government: Rajnath targets Rahul

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Bokaro. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and asked whether a leader who is being praised by an ‘enemy’ should be given a chance to form the government. He was referring to the statement given by former Pakistan minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhary in praise of Rahul Gandhi.

Addressing an election rally in Bokaro, Jharkhand, Rajnath said, “Former Pakistan minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhary has said that Pakistani terrorists were involved in the Pulwama and Uri attacks. This same Fawad Hussain does not praise Prime Minister Modi, but is praising Rahul Gandhi. I want to ask you whether a leader who is praised by his enemies should be respected. Should he be allowed to form the government? In which direction does he want to take the country? I appeal to you to save the country.” Fawad, who was a minister in the Imran Khan government in Pakistan, while sharing a video of Rahul Gandhi on the social media platform ‘X’, wrote, “Rahul on fire”.

Singh said that “no power on earth” can stop the establishment of ‘Ram Rajya’ in India. He said that banks were in loss during the Congress rule, but under the BJP government all the banks made huge profits. Attacking Congress, Rajnath Singh said that the oldest party is promising reservation on the basis of religion, which is not acceptable under the Constitution.

Singh said all Congress Prime Ministers had promised to eradicate poverty and failed, but under the Modi regime, 25 crore people have been brought out of poverty. Targeting former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Rajnath said, “Corruption is at its peak in Jharkhand under the JMM-led government and this is not possible without the protection of the Chief Minister.” He appealed to the public that the ruling party in the state. Show the alliance the way out.

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