Son gets justice for mother after 30 years: rapist father gets 10 years imprisonment

The Uncut

Shahjahanpur. In Shahjahanpur district, a local court on Wednesday convicted two accused in a case of rape of a teenager 30 years ago and sentenced them to 10 years of imprisonment each in a case filed by her son. Additional District Government Advocate Rajiv Awasthi told PTI Bhasha on Thursday that in 1994, a 12-year-old girl living in Sadar Bazar police station area was alone at home when the local strongman Naki Hasan and his brother Guddu gang-raped her.

He said that after this the accused raped her several times during two years, due to which she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Awasthi said that the victim had left her son at the house of one of her relatives. She got married but after some time her husband left her. Giving the background of the case, the advocate said that later the son who was left at the relative’s house came and started living with her. When her son turned 17, he asked his mother the name of his father.

He told that after this the mother told the whole incident to her son and then the son approached the court. Thus, on the order of the court, a report was lodged against both the accused in Sadar Bazar police station in 2021. Awasthi said that after the DNA test, the allegations against Hasan (52) and his brother Guddu (52) were proved. On this, Additional Sessions Court Judge Lavi Singh Yadav on Wednesday sentenced both the accused to 10.10 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 30 thousand.

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