Student’s body found in school: Left home late in the evening, body found hanging from a noose in classroom in the morning

The Uncut

According to the villagers, the child’s parents have already died. The student lived at his maternal grandparents’ house. According to the neighbors, the child left the house late Thursday evening without informing anyone and the next morning his body was found hanging in the classroom of the primary school. After the children saw it, the family and villagers were informed about it. Then the villagers informed the police. The police team reached the spot and took the body in their custody and sent it for postmortem.

Suspicion of murder being raised

Seeing the height of the noose at which the child was found hanging, his family and villagers are suspecting murder. Villagers say that how could a third class student tie the noose at such a height.

PM report will reveal

In this case, Keshkal police said that we are investigating from every angle. Apart from the people living nearby, statements of school children and teachers are also being taken. At present, no concrete information has been received about whether it is suicide or murder. It will be revealed only after the postmortem report.

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