The government will decide the responsibility of the officers on public problems

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Raipur. To solve public problems, Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai’s government is now going to fix the responsibility of officers. Nodal and appellate officers will be appointed from the ministry to the district level, who will resolve the applications within fifteen days. This is being considered a big step towards realizing the slogan of Chhattisgarh government Vishnu’s good governance. Chief Minister Sai, who is generally considered very calm and simple, had said in an interview recently that he is generally very calm, but he gets angry at officers who are negligent in solving public problems.

Probably in this context, CM Sai has taken a big decision for quick and proper solution of problems found in the Chief Minister Jan Chaupal Portal. Under this, nodal officer and appellate officer are to be appointed. At the ministry level, the Under Secretary will be the nodal officer while the Deputy Secretary will be the appellate officer. Similarly, at the district level, the Deputy Collector or Joint Collector will be the nodal officer and the Additional Director is going to get the responsibility of the appellate officer, while at the Directorate level, the Assistant Director will be the nodal officer and the Additional Collector will be the appellate officer.

It will be resolved within 15 days

The government has decided to give only fifteen days to the officers for high-quality and quick resolution of applications received from the public. After the concerned department or branch completes the action regarding the applications, the concerned nodal officer will examine it and put his seal on the final resolution action. The arrangement will be that the list of those departments or districts which are not resolving the applications properly within fifteen days will automatically be displayed on the portal. Not only this, the government has decided to provide the applicants with information about the resolution of their application and the facility to give feedback and appeal after resolution. So that the quality of resolution of the applicant’s cases can increase.

Our goal is to resolve your problem quickly

Vishnu Dev Sai Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said, the aim of our government is to immediately resolve the problems of the common man. Quick resolution of applications received on the Chief Minister Jan Chaupal Portal will be a relief for the public. That is why nodal officers will be appointed for applications on the Chief Minister Jan Chaupal Portal, who will resolve the applications within fifteen days. If not satisfied, the applicants will also be able to appeal. For which appellate officers will also be appointed.

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