The lover crossed seven seas to bring his girlfriend: Accident happened while riding on bike, admitted in hospital

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Kanker : No one can guess how far the fire of love can reach. Something similar has happened with a girl from Potgaon. The lover crossed seven seas and came from Gujarat to Kanker for his girlfriend. The two fell in love while playing online gaming and the lover started running away with his girlfriend on a bike. He covered 1400 km on the bike and reached Kanker from Potgaon, but in the meantime the young man became a victim of an accident.

According to the information, the family members have beaten up the young man and his friend. But till now it is not clear whether they were beaten up or it was an accident. Because when the youths were questioned, it was found that they were injured in an accident. At present, the family members have taken their daughter home.

How did you get in touch with the girl?

A young man named Umesh Bhamare used to play online games from Surat, Gujarat. Meanwhile, he came in contact with a girl from Potgaon in Kanker district and both exchanged Instagram IDs. After this, they started talking a lot and friendship started turning into love. After this, when the girlfriend called her boyfriend, the love-struck young man immediately came from Gujarat to Potgaon and thought of running away with the girl, but both were caught by their family members.

The family members gave information to the police

After all this, the family gave all the information to the police and took their daughter home. Meanwhile, the young man admitted in the hospital says that they will kill her, I will take her away from here…

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