The public breathed new life into the Congress; Sonia, Kharge, Rahul and Priyanka conducted a vigorous campaign

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New Delhi: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) passed a resolution praising the party leadership for the party’s good performance in the Lok Sabha elections and said that President Mallikarjun Kharge, former President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra led a vigorous campaign in the elections.

The Working Committee expressed gratitude to the people of the country and said that the people have infused new life into the Congress and the party is now moving strongly on the path of revival. The resolution passed by the Working Committee said, “The people of the country have decisively rejected both the nature and style of governance of the last decade. This mandate of the Lok Sabha elections is not only a political defeat of the Prime Minister, but also his moral defeat.”

The resolution further said, “The Working Committee thanks the people of the country for putting the Congress firmly on the path of revival. The leaders and workers of the Congress stood firm. The people of this country have breathed new life into the Congress, for which we express our gratitude to them.”

The Working Committee said, “The party ran a brilliant campaign centered on the protection of the Constitution of the Republic and the provisions of reservation of opportunity for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. We put forward a clear alternative political, economic and social vision. The welfare of the poor was at the center of our campaign and we underlined the nationwide social and economic census to address social justice, empowerment and the aspirations of youth and farmers. This result of the general elections is truly the result of our collective effort.”

The resolution said, “It would be a great omission of the Congress Working Committee if we do not thank on this occasion the four stalwarts who led this militant campaign of the party.” It praised Kharge and said, “Kharge ji’s energy and determination have been an inspiration for everyone in the party. He fought fearlessly and fearlessly both in and outside Parliament.

Widely respected for all her achievements in her long and distinguished political career, she led from the front and shaped the party’s campaign in a most effective manner.” The Working Committee said, ”Congress Parliamentary Party chief Sonia Gandhi ji was always available for guidance, advice and support. Her guidance at crucial moments of the campaign made a significant difference.

General Secretary Smt. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra ji conducted a brilliant election campaign across the country, but especially in Uttar Pradesh. She consistently exposed the BJP in the most effective manner and communicated the Congress’ message of justice very powerfully.

The Congress Working Committee resolution said, “The Working Committee specially thanks former Congress President Rahul Gandhi for the successful implementation and leadership of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’. Both these yatras reflect his own thinking and personality. This yatra was a historic turning point in the politics of our country which aroused hope and confidence in lakhs of our workers and crores of voters.”

He said, “Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign was single-minded, sharp and precise. The issue of protecting the Constitution in the 2024 elections was raised most vociferously by Rahul Gandhi. The five ‘justices’ and 25 guarantee programs, which resonated so powerfully in the election campaign, were the result of Rahul ji’s travels, in which he listened to the fears, concerns and aspirations of all the people, especially the youth, women, farmers, workers, Dalits, tribals, OBCs and minorities. ” The Working Committee expressed gratitude to other leaders and workers of the party.

The Congress Working Committee said, “The Working Committee thanks its constituent parties in various states for fighting these elections in a strong manner. In Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the India Alliance hoisted its flag with the cooperation of partner parties. The India Alliance will have an important contribution in the 18th Lok Sabha. ”

The resolution says, “The Congress Working Committee acknowledges the unfortunate performance of the Indian National Congress in some states while discharging its responsibilities and resolves to work harder, even though the party’s performance in general has been improving and reviving. Immediate steps should and will be taken to correct the shortcomings in those states where the party expected better results but where that expectation was not fulfilled.”

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