The stage of pre-diabetes is also harmful for health, know this way if you are eating too much sweets

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Sugar in any form that enters the body is harmful. If you have reached the stage of pre-diabetes, you still have to take a lot of care of your health. When you include sugar in the diet in some way or the other, even if the blood sugar level does not rise immediately, such symptoms start appearing in the body. Chocolate, cookies or sweet desserts, even if you eat these things occasionally, these signs start appearing when there is excessive consumption of sugar in the body.


If there are rashes and itching on the skin, acne and pimples are appearing repeatedly, then according to research, this is a sign of sugar consumption.


If you stop eating sweets suddenly, then you are not following a healthy balanced diet instead. There is a loss of energy which causes headache, dizziness, nervousness and restlessness. Therefore, always reduce the amount of sweets you take daily gradually.

High blood pressure

If you consume too much sugar or sweets then this can cause the blood pressure level to rise from normal to high.

High Cholesterol

Eating sweets increases the deposit of many types of fat in the blood. Due to which the amount of bad cholesterol also starts increasing in the body.

feeling tired quickly

Eating too much sweets makes one feel tired even after doing a little physical work. The reason for this is the sudden increase in energy levels due to sugar in the blood and the decrease in energy levels after some time.

Feeling hungry frequently

Eating sugar rich foods reduces the amount of protein. Due to which one feels hungry frequently and does not feel full.

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