Theft worth lakhs in a jeweler’s shop: Jewellery worth 20 lakhs and cash worth 5 lakhs stolen, police investigating the case

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Surajpur. In Chhattisgarh’s Surajpur district, a jeweler’s shop was broken into and goods worth lakhs were stolen. The thieves stole jewellery worth about 20 lakhs and cash worth 5 lakhs. This incident is from Bhaiyathana area.

According to the information received, Vikas Jewelers located on Bhaiyathan Road was robbed of lakhs of rupees. The thieves stole jewellery worth 20 lakhs and cash worth 5 lakhs. After receiving the complaint, the Kotwali police and the dog squad team reached the spot and started searching for the thieves.

Police arrived with dog squad team

The teacher had committed theft along with her friends

There was a theft in the empty house of Rahul Sahare in Kalkapara of Dongargarh city. The applicant lodged a written complaint in Dongargarh police station. As soon as the complaint was received, the police swung into action and registered the case and started investigation. In which the police has got success today. The police has arrested two thieves including a minor. Along with this, Pranitha Naidu, a teacher teaching in a private school, has also been arrested.

The teacher had planned the theft

Police said that the minor had committed the theft with his two accomplices. Their female teacher Pranita Naidu got the stolen goods sold in different jewelers’ shops. In this case, the minor relative of the applicant Rahul Sahare had carried out the incident with his two friends. After which the minor reached their teacher Pranita Naidu with the stolen jewellery. The teacher Pranita Naidu made a plan to sell the stolen jewellery without showing the right path to the children.

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