There will be a judicial inquiry into the vandalism at the Jaitkhambh of Girodpuri Dham – Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma

The Uncut

Raipur. On the demand of various organizations and representatives of the Satnami community, as per the instructions of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Vijay Sharma has announced a judicial inquiry into the entire matter of the vandalism that took place at Jaitkhambh near the sacred Amar Gufa of Girodpuri Dham.

He said categorically that incidents that disturb social harmony will not be tolerated anywhere in the state and strict action will be taken against those guilty of such acts. He also appealed to everyone to maintain social harmony. It is worth noting that an attempt was made to damage the revered Jaitkhambh on the night of 15-16 May.

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