These 3 things related to fertility hinder pregnancy

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Nowadays, the problem of infertility is increasing rapidly in women. The reason for this is wrong eating habits, lifestyle and excessive stress. At the same time, marriage at an older age and then late planning of the child are also sometimes responsible. In such a situation, it is important to know which problem in the body is mainly responsible for infertility. If there is a delay in conceiving and such symptoms are visible in the body, then understand that there is a problem of infertility.

cold uterus

When the blood flow in the uterus is not proper, a cold uterus occurs. Due to which the meeting of eggs and sperm becomes difficult. Even the fertilized eggs are not able to stay in the uterus due to a cold uterus. Due to which there is a problem in conceiving.

These symptoms are visible in the body when there is a problem of cold uterus.

Cramps during periods which are relieved by applying hot things. This means that there is a problem of cold uterus.

Extremely cold hands and feet, especially during periods

Dark colour of period blood but very light flow

Apart from this, irregular periods are also a symptom of cold uterus.

How to overcome the problem of cold uterus

drink hot water

try to keep your feet warm

Drink ginger and cinnamon tea

Also stay away from cold drinks.

Do not eat cold foods

Don’t remain bare feet.


Stress is a major reason for infertility. Due to which the body’s energy becomes low and the problem of infertility occurs. These are the symptoms of stress related to infertility in women.


pre menopausal symptoms i.e PMS

mood swing

getting frustrated very quickly

heaviness in the chest

Breast Tenderness

Headaches around periods

Kidney failure

If the kidney is damaged then there is a problem in getting pregnant. And these symptoms are seen in the body

Lower back pain during periods

Pain in the legs

Frequent miscarriages

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