This cheap medicine can prevent the risk of death from heart attack, always keep it in your purse.

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Heart doctors often recommend taking aspirin during an attack. A research has revealed that if aspirin is taken within 4 hours of chest pain, the risk of death from heart attack can be reduced. This research was done at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health. The result was that if aspirin is taken after chest pain, then the lives of more than 13 thousand people can be saved.

… then life can be saved

The increasing cases of heart attacks have scared everyone. While being active and improving lifestyle are advised to prevent it, it is also important to know first aid. Research researchers said, aspirin is a cheap and effective way to prevent death from heart attack. If aspirin is taken within 4 hours of the symptoms appearing, it can be very beneficial. However, despite chest pain, many people are not aware of it, which is the biggest indicator.

Take aspirin like this

Researchers said that after taking aspirin, other methods of prevention should be considered. If you ever feel that chest pain may be a heart attack, then place 325 mg aspirin under the tongue or chew it. Doing this will provide immediate benefits. You can also drink it by mixing it in water.

Note: If you are allergic to aspirin, consult a doctor. Taking aspirin daily unnecessarily can also harm your health.

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