This is how you can identify that it is time to change your pillow, otherwise it is harmful for your health

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People use pillows to support the neck or to maintain correct posture while sleeping. But the pillow kept on the bed also has an expiry date. Even if you wash the pillow cover every week or every other day, if you want to take care of your health, then change the pillow on time. Every pillow has an expiry date. Just pay attention to these little things to recognize it.

Old pillow can cause these problems

When you sleep with your head on the pillow, the oil present in the head gets absorbed by the pillow along with the pillow cover and then due to the continuous absorption of oil, microbes start growing which become harmful for health.

-Weak immunity.

If you get cough or cold again and again, change the pillow once.

-Frequent occurrence of pimples and acne on the face can also be a sign of a dirty pillow.

-If you feel pain in your neck and shoulders after waking up, then understand that the pillow is harming your health.

When should you change your pillow?

Pillows also have expiry dates. Any pillow that you use daily. It should be replaced between one to two years. Also, by these methods you can find out that your pillow is now worth changing.

lump in pillow

Often, traditional cotton pillows start getting lumpy as they age. If lumps of cotton have formed in the pillow, replace it.

Find out by folding the pillow

Whether the pillow is suitable for use under the neck or not can be determined by a small test. Just fold the pillow from one side and wait for half a minute. If the pillow becomes straight as soon as you remove your hand from it, it means it is fine. But if the pillow remains in the folded position, it means it is time to change the pillow.

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