Those who use laptops by keeping them on their laps should be careful, they are playing with their health

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Side Effects Of Keeping Laptop On Lap: Be it work from home or an important meeting, nowadays people take out the laptop directly from the bag and start working by keeping it on the lap. Maybe you also have this habit. But do you know how much harm you are unknowingly causing to your health by working for a long time by keeping the laptop on your lap. Even if you like working on the bed with the laptop on your lap, but this habit of yours hides a big danger for your health. Let us know what other problems you are inviting not only by fertility but also by using the laptop on the lap, like insomnia.

Disadvantages of using a laptop on your lap-

Toasted skin syndrome-

Many times, the hot air emanating from the laptop causes skin irritation. Which is known as toasted skin syndrome. Let us tell you, the heat emanating from the laptop causes mild and transient red rashes on the skin. A medical report has found that keeping devices like laptops next to the skin for a long time can cause abnormal looking skin conditions or rashes due to prolonged exposure to heat.

back ache-

Using a laptop on your lap and sitting in the wrong posture can cause back pain. This also affects a person’s mental health. In such a situation, to avoid this problem, use the laptop by keeping it on the desk.

Bad effect on fertility-

A study conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine found that using a laptop on the lap can affect fertility. Let us tell you, the hot air coming out of the laptop can reduce the number and quality of sperm. This is because prolonged exposure to heat can increase the temperature of the scrotum.

Eye strain problem-

Working on a laptop for a long time can have an effect on your eyes, due to which you may have eye strain, dryness or headache. On the other hand, sitting with your legs together while using a laptop causes the laptop’s radiation to fall directly on the body. The heat emitted from the device can make you sick.

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