Threat to blow up Indigo plane with a bomb, chaos ensues…

The Uncut

Chennai: There was a panic after a bomb threat was received on an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Mumbai. According to the information, a crew member of flight 6E-5314 found a note in the toilet which said that there was a bomb in the plane.

After this, the plane was made to make an emergency landing at Mumbai airport at around 8:45 and all the passengers were safely evacuated and sent to isolation. The plane is being inspected after landing. Emergency has been declared at Mumbai airport.

Let us tell you that this is the second time within a week that a bomb threat has been given to an aircraft. Earlier, a bomb threat was given to an Air India aircraft in Delhi. Here too, a note written on tissue paper was found in the toilet. It said, ‘Bomb explosion in 30 minutes.’

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