Unprecedented growth was seen in the stock market, Sensex and Nifty made a record…

The Uncut

Mumbai: A day before the results of the Lok Sabha elections and after the exit poll estimates, the stock market swelled on Monday. Sensex and Nifty reached their all-time highs in early trade.

Earlier during the pre-opening, Sensex jumped above 2600 points. At the same time, Nifty also opened with a gain of more than 800 points. At one time it reached its all-time high of 76,583.29.

In fact, the stock market witnessed an unprecedented boom on Monday. After the exit polls predicted a decisive victory for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, the stock market reached its highest level ever. This led to a lot of enthusiasm among investors. The Sensex opened at a record level of 75,821.19 with a gain of 1859.88 points. Similarly, the Nifty also opened at 23,134.55 with a jump of 603.85 points. During this time, the Nifty Bank crossed 50 thousand for the first time.

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