Vote not for hatred and dictatorship, but for brotherhood and democracy: Kharge

The Uncut

New Delhi: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday called upon people to vote for brotherhood and democracy, not for hatred and dictatorship, as voting began for the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections.

Voting is taking place on 49 seats today in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections. Kharge posted on Vote for brotherhood, not for hatred.

We have to vote against unemployment and inflation, not to make a few capitalists richer. We have to vote for the protection of our fundamental rights, not for those who snatch our rights. Voting has to be done for justice, not for injustice and atrocities.

We have to vote for democracy, not for dictatorship.” Kharge said, ”The voters of the eight states and union territories on which 49 Lok Sabha seats will exercise their right to vote today will fight for youth justice, women’s justice, farmer’s justice, Workers will vote on the agenda of justice and participatory justice.

He said, “When your hand presses the EVM button, the shaking chair of dictatorship will get another push and democracy will gain strength.” A very welcome to my young friends who are voting for the first time. He has a historical responsibility in this.

The Congress President claimed, “The trends of the four phases of voting say that the departure of Hukmshah is certain.” Today is the fifth step towards farewell. A new beginning from June 4, because circumstances will change.

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