What should be the lifestyle in case of hypertension?

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The problem of high blood pressure cannot be completely reversed but it can be controlled. To prevent high BP from becoming hypertension, the help of right lifestyle and medicines can be taken. For this, right lifestyle and diet are required. If someone has the problem of hypertension, then he must make these changes in his lifestyle.

healthy diet

To prevent blood pressure from becoming high or reaching the stage of hypertension, it is important to control diet. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains in the diet. Stay away from saturated fat and processed food completely.

Keep an eye on sodium intake

One needs to be very careful about the amount of salt in food. So that the amount of sodium in the body does not increase.

regular exercise

Regular exercise is very important in case of high blood pressure problem. About 150 minutes of moderate level intensity workout every week is necessary.

It is important to control weight

If you reduce weight then it becomes easier to manage high BP. Keeping the body mass index correct makes it easier to manage hypertension.

Stay away from alcohol and smoking

Drinking too much or smoking increases blood pressure. Blood pressure level reduces in just 20 minutes after quitting smoking. Therefore, smoking and alcohol can increase the problem of hypertension.

manage stress

It is important to manage everyday stress. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises can manage stress. Due to which the level of hypertension also reduces.

Medication is necessary

If the doctor has prescribed medicine then it is important to take it.

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