Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated every year? Know the interesting history and theme

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World Bicycle Day 2024: World Bicycle Day 2024 is celebrated every year on 3 June all over the world. World Bicycle Day 2024 is celebrated with the aim of increasing public awareness about the thousands of benefits of cycling. If we talk about the benefits of cycling, many researches have found that by cycling for half an hour daily, a person can avoid many diseases like obesity, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis.

History of World Bicycle Day 2024-

The era of bicycles lasted till 1990 but with changing times its importance gradually decreased among the people. To remind people of its importance again, it was considered to celebrate World Bicycle Day. After which it was announced to celebrate this day on 3 June 2018. Let us tell you, the proposal to celebrate this day was first given by Professor Leszek Sibilski of Montgomery College, America, in the form of a petition. After which the United Nations General Assembly announced to celebrate 3 June 2018 as World Bicycle Day.

Importance of World Bicycle Day-

Cycling is a great way to keep the environment pollution free. It reduces air pollution and also provides exercise to the whole body. In such a situation, the importance of World Bicycle Day is to promote the use of bicycles among all the people of the society and to encourage cycling at the national and local level to strengthen physical and mental health well-being.

Theme of World Bicycle Day-

Every year a new theme is kept to celebrate World Bicycle Day. In the year 2024, the theme of World Bicycle Day is ‘Encouraging good health, fairness, and sustainability through cycling’. The purpose of keeping this theme is to promote development goals through cycling.

Benefits of cycling-

-Cycling does not pollute the environment.

-Cycling for half an hour keeps the body fit and prevents accumulation of fat.

-Cycling keeps the immune system good and the digestive system in good condition.

-Heart and lungs remain strong.

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