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Will remove 50% cap on quota, carry out caste census, if INDIA wins

RANCHI: Eyeing the tribal population and people belonging to backward castes in Jharkhand, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, during his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Ranchi on Monday, promised Sarna Religion Code for tribals and caste census, if his party if comes to power at the center after 2024 polls. According to Rahul, there has been a demand for Sarna Religion Code in Jharkhand for a long time, but it was never implemented.

“We will ensure that the tribals here will get the Sarna Religion Code,” said Rahul Gandhi. Congratulating Chamapai Sroen for winning the trust vote, Rahul Gandhi said that he has foiled the conspiracy of BJP-RSS retaining the government of the poor in Jharkhand.

This time they have included the word “Nyaya” in his yatra….. This word is being understood very well in the country today, he said. Gandhi also promised a nationwide caste census and removal of the 50 percent cap on reservation if the INDIA Bloc comes to power after the Lok Sabha polls. Noting that more than 50 percent reservation cannot be given under existing provisions, Gandhi promised that INDIA will “throw out” the 50 per cent cap on reservation.

Gandhi claimed that Dalits, tribals, and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) were made bonded labourers, and their participation was lacking in big companies, hospitals, schools, colleges, and courts.

Terming it as the biggest question mark before India, he said that first step of the INDIA Bloc would be to get a caste census in the country.

“A hungry tribal was pushing 200 kg of coal on a bicycle. I saw with my own eyes. Our first step will be to conduct a caste census in the entire country. We will get the data. There will be no reduction in reservation for Dalit tribals. I guarantee it,” said the Congress leader. He pointed out that the JMM-led alliance government was removed in Jharkhand because, there was a tribal government here… and this was not acceptable to the BJP.

But, when we stood together, the government was saved. “Democracy is being attacked by using central investigative agencies and the voice of the public is being suppressed. Our alliance will never allow the voice of democracy to be suppressed,” said Gandhi. He said that economic injustice, injustice against women and laborers have only increased. “Modi ji and his ministers do not see this injustice. Nothing will be achieved through violence.This will lead to unemployment and inflation,” he said.

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