World Environment Day: Chief Minister Sai planted neem, Rudraksh and Sapodilla saplings in the residence premises

The Uncut

Raipur: On the occasion of World Environment Day today, Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai along with his wife Smt. Kaushalya Sai and family members planted saplings of Sapodilla, Neem and Rudraksh in his residence premises. On this occasion, he appealed to the people of the state to plant saplings in and around their homes and take responsibility to keep the saplings alive.

Chief Minister Sai said that in the coming monsoon, plant as many trees as possible and make your home, surroundings, villages, cities and forests green. The Chief Minister said that the state government is making every possible effort to protect the environment. On this occasion, DFO Loknath Patel, SDO Shri V.N. Mukherjee and officers and employees of the Chief Minister’s residence were also present.

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