You will be able to get satellite images of your courtyard

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New Delhi. Want to get a satellite image of your backyard? It may soon be possible as Bengaluru-based space startup Pixxel plans to launch an online software that lets you view images of Earth taken by its satellites.

Pixel Space CEO and co-founder Awais Ahmed told PTI here that launching the Earth Observation Studio is part of efforts to make space-based data available to the common man at a very low cost.
Pixel’s earth observation studio ‘Aurora’ is expected to be launched by the end of this year, which will make hyperspectral images of the earth taken by satellites and data analysis accessible to all.

“It will be as simple as using Google Earth but the satellite images will be more advanced,” said Ahmed (26). Ahmed is one of a handful of entrepreneurs doing remarkable work in the space sector. Users of Aurora can view satellite images already available in the database or assign Pixel satellites orbiting low Earth to “take a specific picture.”

Ahmed said, “Suppose, I want a picture of Chikkamagaluru in the next one or two weeks. This task will be assigned to our satellites and they will provide you the picture when you pay for it.” Pixxel has launched two satellites Shakuntala and Anand to capture images of the Earth. It plans to launch six satellites by this year. The startup plans to launch 18 more satellites next year.

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