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Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Sushen Vaidya Village Is Chhattisgarh, He Had Saved Laxman Life

Samadhi of Vaidyaraj Sushen in Chandkhuri
– Photo: Samvad News Agency


Ayodhya Ram temple; Vaidya Sushen village in Chhattisgarh: Vaidyaraj Sushen's village is in Chandkhuri, the maternal home of Lord Shri Ram and maternal home of Mother Kaushalya. Yes, you are listening right. This is the same Vaidyaraj, who had saved Lakshman's life in Tretayuga. Had taken away the worries of Lord Shri Ram. During the Ramayana period, in the Laxman-Meghnath war, Meghnath had released Brahmastra on Laxman. Due to this Lakshman became unconscious. Hanuman picked him up in an unconscious state and took him to Lord Shri Ram. Lord Ram was distraught after seeing Lakhanlal unconscious. They started wondering what I would say to Mother Sumitra and Urmila after going back to Ayodhya, whom I had taken with me to exile. What answer will I give them? Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, who was supposed to remove the worries of the world, became worried himself regarding this.

At that time, Vibhishan had suggested a solution to Lord Rama and said that if Vaidyaraj Sushen was called from Lanka, Lakshman's life could be saved. His consciousness may come back. On the advice of Vibhishan, Lord Ram had sent Hanuman ji to Lanka, then brave Bajrang Bali brought Vaidya Sushen along with his house. Sushen had asked him to bring a medicine to save Lakshman ji's life.

He said that thousands of yojanas away, there is Sanjeevani herb on Drongiri mountain. If there is a brave man in your army who can come before the sun rises during the night, then Lakshman can be brought back to life. Sankatmochan Hanuman removes all the problems and brings Sanjivani herb along with the mountain even before the sun rises. Vaidyaraj was knowledgeable about the knowledge of dead Sanjeevani. He brought back Lakshman ji's consciousness by using Sanjeevani Vidya.

According to the Puranas, Ravana, the king of Lanka, had abducted Vaidyaraj Sushen from Kaushal state (present day Chhattisgarh) and took him to Lanka for the protection and upliftment of the demon race. Sushen resided in a building there. When Lord Rama killed Dashanan. At that time Vaidyaraj Sushen met him and requested him to take himself under his shelter. On this, Ram brought him with himself to Ayodhya and sent him to Chandkhuri of his subordinate state Kaushal. After this, Sushen Vaidya spent the rest of his life here. Chandkhuri is also known as Vaidya Chandkhuri.

Vaidyaraj Sushen's ashram was near the temple of Mata Kaushalya in Chandkhuri, 27 kilometers away from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. At present a separate temple has been built here. A big stone is present in the temple. According to the priest of the temple, when Vaidya passed away, his mortal remains were transformed into inscriptions. That means it became a stone. This is considered to be his Samadhi. It is believed that people's diseases are cured by applying soil or earth from the Vaidya's temple.

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