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Unique story of Ram devotee policeman: Reads Hanuman Chalisa while lying in deep water, does water meditation for hours, see amazing VIDEO

BD Sharma, Damoh. You must have seen people doing yoga in a calm environment or in the comfort of their home. But, have you ever seen someone lying in water and doing Hanuman Chalisa along with yoga? Yes, a similar video has surfaced, in which a policeman is seen reciting Hanuman Chalisa while lying in water. Not only this, they do water meditation by lying in water for hours.

In fact, the police constable posted at Bandakpur police post in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh recites Shri Hanuman Chalisa while swimming in water, which is not only unique in itself but also fills the audience with thrill. This is Bhagwan Das Dahiya… posted in the police at Bandakpur outpost located in Jageshwar Nath Dham. People know him by the name of Baba Bhagwan Das. Even while walking without hands and legs, he recites Hanuman Chalisa while practicing yoga for an hour in a deep water source.

Doing water meditation since the age of 10

Dayiha has been meditating in water since the age of 10 with the resolve to build Shri Ram temple. It is said that he was selected in the police department in 1992. Since the age of 10, he has been engaged in meditation in water with the resolve to build the temple of Lord Shri Ram. Today, in the ancient stepwell of Bandakpur, as soon as deep water bubbles appear. The entire body automatically comes above water. As if some invisible force is supporting. Call it a miracle or something or yoga practice or a feat.

Read Hanuman Chalisa in water for hours

If Bhagwan Das is to be believed, he says that the name of Ram has so much power that even stones start floating. Similarly, while chanting the name of Shri Ram, the whole body comes above the water as soon as the well, pond or river splashes. Even though his weight is 80 kg, he still performs this charisma with his spiritual practice. While it is true that if a stone is thrown into water it sinks. But Bhagwan Das Baba, who weighs 80 kg, sits on the water and keeps reciting Shri Hanuman Chalisa for hours and does not drown.

What name should I give to this love? Preeti and Kajal fell in love with each other, when caught by the police they said – now we will do this work!

Do water meditation every Tuesday

With the grace of Lord Shri Ram, Lord Das Dahiya has been doing Jal Sadhana every Tuesday for years. For which he has received the National Yoga Award by the Government of India and the State Level Bravery Award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Bhagwan Das says that after 21 years of sadhana, the resolution of Ram temple has come true. Now his same resolution will continue in the future regarding the construction of temples on the birthplace of Sadhana Kashi and Mathura Dham.

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