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CG Assembly Budget Session: Finance Minister OP Choudhary said, with technology we will catch everything from small fish to big fish and crocodiles, will not allow corruption to happen.

Raipur, General discussion on the budget took place in the proceedings of the seventh day of Chhattisgarh Assembly budget session today. During this, Finance Minister OP Chaudhary said that we have set a target of taking the GDP of Chhattisgarh to a new height. Along with this, he fiercely targeted the opposition. Regarding corruption, OP Choudhary said that everything from tinsel to big fish, even crocodile will be caught with technology. We will not allow corruption anywhere in our government.

CG Assembly Budget Session: Finance Minister OP Choudhary said, with technology we will catch everything from small fish to big fish and crocodiles, will not allow corruption to happen. 3

In the general discussion on the budget, Finance Minister OP Chaudhary said that we have tried to see a dream with this budget. Tried to have a goal. The GDP of five lakh rupees has to be taken to ten lakh crores. Prime Minister Modi says that in the third term he will make India the third economy of the world. Many economists said this is not possible. But he has set a big target. Inspired by them, we have also set the target of GDP of Chhattisgarh at ten lakh crores.

OP Choudhary said that Congress is thinking of spreading as much power as it has. Unless you take your feet out of the bedsheet, you cannot even think of making the bedsheet bigger.

The Finance Minister said that PV Narasimha Rao had brought economic reforms in India. I would like to praise him. The credit for this was given to Manmohan Singh. There were three points of that reform. Liberalization, privatization and globalization. PV Narasimha Rao had introduced these points. This political will was in Narasimha Rao. When he was taking big decisions, senior Congress leaders said that an all-party meeting should be called. He said that there is no need for this. I have spoken to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Atal ji was with those decisions which made the country economically prosperous. The mortal remains of Narasimha Rao, who made the country economically strong, were also not allowed to be brought to the Congress Bhavan. This shows the narrow mentality of Congress. Rising from the political narrow mindedness of the same PV Narasimha Rao, the Prime Minister has done the work of awarding him Bharat Ratna.

Finance Minister Chaudhary said, we are dedicated to the development of Bastar and Surguja. Bastar was neglected for decades after independence. How to connect that area with the rest of civilization was not even imagined. In the 1960s, a collector even stopped the road work. In the name of cultural protection, the development of Bastar was stopped. People there kept dying from malaria and cholera. Due to all these reasons Naxalism flourished in Bastar. There seems to be no other reason for insurgency in Bastar. In Bengal, the unusual reason of land became the issue of Naxalism, in Bihar caste was the reason, but in Bastar neither land was the reason nor caste was the issue. The root of Naxalism in Bastar has to be understood, only then this problem can be ended. Till 1998, one district of Bastar was bigger than the state of Kerala. It was thirty times bigger than Delhi. The national highway used to end at Indravati in Bastar. If a bridge had been built in Timer, Bastar would have been connected to Maharashtra. Then Bastar would not have been in this situation. The bridge was built during the BJP rule. Bastar is in our focus. Bastar touched new heights during BJP rule.

OP Chaudhary said that a provision of Rs 6400 crore has been made for irrigation projects in Surguja. A provision of Rs 2208 crore has been made for Bastar. There is a provision of thousands of crores for roads also.

The Finance Minister said, development of every part of the state through the Centralized Development Plan is our priority.
For sixty years we continued teaching the same alphabet to Bastar. Kept teaching pot from c and tap from n. We are making software to provide education to the people of Bastar in Gondi language.

The Finance Minister said that Vishnudev Sai's government will be successful in tax generation. Will use technology. This will bring big change. Our base is bad so we are aiming big. There were irregularities in State GST, Mining and Excise. There were bad practices. By improving this we will fix the systems.

OP Chaudhary said, a question was raised regarding PSC that there were irregularities in PSC during the BJP government. Whereas at that time the Chairman was removed by bringing a proposal in the cabinet. A person like Pradeep Joshi was made the chairman of PSC. People across the country used to cite the example of Chhattisgarh PSC when he was its chairman.

The Finance Minister said that people associated with Ponty Chadha will not be allowed to work in Chhattisgarh. This is the commitment of this government.

OP Chaudhary said that the electricity bill half scheme was running in the previous government, we are continuing it. We have no qualms in continuing the good work done by the previous government.

He further said, the biggest symbol of exploitation of tribals in Bastar was salt. Tribal people used to take salt in exchange of chironji. The scheme of giving salt was brought during the BJP rule.

Finance Minister OP Chaudhary said that the issue of reducing the area had come up in the House. This is the first time in the Vishnudev Sai government that 21 quintals of paddy per acre is being purchased. We have made a provision of Rs 12 thousand crore for farmers in the supplementary budget. All farmers will get the benefit of Krishak Unnati Yojana. When the Congress government was formed in 2018, they had promised to give Rs 500 to mothers and sisters in their public manifesto. Congress has no right to question us. Very general criteria have been kept in Mahtari Vandan Yojana. The government has promised to give money from March 1.
We also want the role of positive opposition from the opposition. The intention of the government is absolutely clear. If there is any deficiency then the opposition should also tell us.

During the discussion, Finance Minister OP Choudhary said that everything from chingri to big fish, even crocodile will be caught with technology. Corruption will not be allowed anywhere in the government.

Raman Singh said that you are a vegetarian, how will you catch the spark?

Congress MLA Kunwar Singh Nishad said that the taste that is in Chingari is not found in anyone else.

OP Chaudhary replied, I am a vegetarian but I have no problem in being a table partner.

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