Supreme Court stays the release of the film ‘Humare Barah’

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New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Thursday banned the release of Annu Kapoor’s film ‘Humare Barah’. The film was to be released on June 14. The apex court banned the release of the film taking cognizance of allegations that the film insults the Islamic faith and married Muslim women.

Taking cognizance of the arguments of advocate Fauzia Shakeel, appearing for petitioner Azhar Basha Tamboli, the vacation bench of Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Sandeep Mehta asked the Bombay High Court to take a quick decision on the petition. Staying the release of the film, the bench said, “We saw the trailer of the film in the morning and all the objectionable dialogues in the trailer are still intact.” The bench stayed the release of the film till the Bombay High Court disposed of the petition. Shakeel said that the High Court lifted the ban on the release of the film under an ‘unreasonable order’.

He said, “The High Court cannot direct the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to constitute a committee because the CBFC itself is a party in the case.” The apex court said that the option has been kept open for both the parties in the case to raise all objections before the High Court, including objections to directing the CBFC to select the committee.
The film was to be released on June 14. However, its release has already been banned in Karnataka.

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