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Woman Found Dead in Pool of Blood Outside SP Office, Tragic Scene Unfolds

Kanker: In a shocking incident, the lifeless body of a 70-year-old woman was discovered in a house situated opposite the Office of Kanker Superintendent of Police in Chhattisgarh. The crime scene revealed a distressing sight, with bloodstains on the ground and visible injury marks on the woman’s jaw. The victim resided alone in the house, adding to the gravity of the situation. News of the murder has sent shockwaves throughout the area, prompting an immediate response from the police.

According to Kanker Kotwali in-charge, Ajay Sahu, the deceased, identified as Champa Bai, had been living with her nephew in the MG ward. However, her nephew had left for their village on June 20, leaving the elderly woman alone in the house. It was on June 28 that neighbors informed the nephew about the tragic incident, discovering Champa Bai’s lifeless body on the floor of her residence.

The victims’ jaw was found to have injury marks and a considerable amount of blood was discovered at the scene according to the findings of the investigations. A case has been officially registered following the complaint made by the nephew. The police are making diligent efforts to thoroughly investigate this matter. Furthermore they have called in a forensic team from Jagdalpur and are utilizing the expertise of a dog squad to assist with the investigation.

The close proximity of the SP office to the crime scene presents an intriguing aspect to the case. Heightening the polices’ scrutiny and emphasizing the imperative for a meticulous investigation. As the inquiry into this appalling murder and its surrounding circumstances persists the local community remains uneasy eagerly anticipating resolution and justice for the deceased woman.

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