Actress Jennifer Lopez calls AI ‘creepy’

The Uncut

Las Angeles. Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez said that manipulated images of her face were used in skin care advertisements and this led her to encounter the ‘scary’ side of artificial intelligence (AI). The actress played a data analyst in the recently released film ‘Atlas’. Jennifer Lopez said that there are two aspects of technological progress and these have been shown well in her recently released film on Netflix.

“Photos of my face were manipulated and used to sell skincare products that I don’t know anything about,” she told Variety at the Los Angeles premiere of “Atlas.” She said the photos covered up “wrinkles.”

Lopez said, “It’s really scary. Immediately it stole our face from us. So yes (AI) is really scary … I think you should respect AI … We have to be prepared for all possibilities. These movies that are talking about AI, especially this one, have made a really good effort to show both sides.”

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