Anoop Soni warns fans about ‘fake video’ of ‘Crime Patrol’

The Uncut

New Delhi. Actor Anup Soni on Sunday said a video in his name promoting IPL betting on social media is “completely fake”. He asked fans to be wary of “manipulated” content on the internet. He said that the alleged clip was taken from his popular show ‘Crime Patrol’. The video appears to have been created using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In this, Sony is seen allegedly supporting a Telegram group for betting during the current Indian Premier League (IPL) match. Sony said that criminals have tampered with his voice in an old video of Sony TV’s long-running true crime anthology series ‘Crime Patrol’ to serve their own interests.

He said, “This is a completely fake video and we all have to be alert about how and to what extent things are being manipulated these days.” The former ‘Crime Patrol’ presenter said in a statement, “The voice completely sounds like I am saying it. Even the video clips are from ‘Crime Patrol’. Please remain alert.” Anoop Soni is the latest public figure whose videos have been doctored using AI. In the last few months, actors Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh, Allu Arjun, Ashutosh Rana, Katrina Kaif and Rashmika Mandanna as well as Union Home Minister Amit Shah have also become victims of deepfake technology.

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