Stepfather sentenced to death for murder of actress Laila Khan, five others

The Uncut

Mumbai. A Mumbai sessions court on Friday sentenced Parvez Tak to death for killing his stepdaughter and actress Laila Khan, Laila’s mother and her four siblings in 2011. On May 9, Additional Sessions Judge Sachin Pawar found Tak guilty of murder and destruction of evidence, besides other crimes under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The verdict on what punishment should be given to the convict was announced on Friday.

Tak was the third husband of Laila’s mother, Selina. Laila, her mother and her four siblings were murdered in February 2011 at their bungalow in Igatpuri in Maharashtra’s Nashik district. The murders came to light a few months later when Tak was arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. The decomposed bodies were later recovered from the bungalow. The prosecution had said that Tak killed Selina first and then Laila and her four siblings after an argument over property. The prosecution had examined 40 witnesses against Tak.

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