Tarsem Singh’s film ‘Dear Jassi’ will be presented in IFLA

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New Delhi. Filmmaker Tarsem Singh’s ‘Dear Jassi’ will be presented as the opening film of the 2024 edition of the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFLA). ‘Dear Jassi’ has participated in various film festivals around the world. The story of the film is about Jassi, an Indian girl born in Canada, who falls in love with Mitthu, a rickshaw puller from a lower social class. Paaviya Sidhu and Yugam Sood are in lead roles in the film.

IFLA will conclude with famous Tamil artist Vijay Sethupathi’s film ‘Maharaja’. The film ‘Maharaja’ directed by Nithilan Swaminathan is an action thriller cinema. Director Swaminathan along with the cast and producers of the film will attend the IFLA festival in Los Angeles.

Nikhil Nagesh’s film ‘Kill’ and Sundance winner ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ will also be screened at the film festival. Along with this, award winning Cristo Tomi’s film ‘Undercurrent’, Shawn Seviratne’s ‘A Reunion in Four Parts’, Lisa Ghazi’s ‘A House Named Sahana’ will also be shown. Ridge with movies in Ifla. Two episodes of ‘Defense: Fighting the Far Right’, a special documentary produced by Ahmed and Rogan Productions, will also be shown.

Anu Rangachar, Artistic Director of IFLA, said the program reveals some of the themes of solidarity and resilience, love and family violence inherent in South Asian communities around the world. Films from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and America will be screened in this film festival and it will be organized from June 27 to June 30.

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