While choosing a character, I don’t think at all about what people will say: Manoj Bajpayee

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Indore. Famous actor Manoj Bajpayee said on Tuesday that he does not like to be confined in any box regarding acting and while choosing a character, he does not think at all about what people will say. Bajpayee had come to Indore to promote his upcoming film “Bhaiyaji”. This is the 100th film of his career in which he will be seen in an action-packed role.

Bajpayee told reporters, “My future films will be different from before because I don’t like to remain confined in a box. I get bored of playing the same characters.” He said, “I like to constantly change myself (as an actor) by facing new challenges. I am more focused on whether I am developing as an actor or not? “I think a little less about what people will say, or to be honest, I don’t think about it at all.” When asked whether the audience will return to the theaters for films with family and social stories, Bajpayee said, “In today’s times, the first thing that is important is that the audience should return to the theaters and enjoy the films together like before.” Take it. This is the biggest responsibility of every filmmaker and every artist today.”

He said, “I believe that every aspect of a film can be fully enjoyed only by sitting with 100-150 people in a big screen cinema hall, no matter what kind of film it is.” On the growing popularity of OTT platforms in the entertainment world, Bajpayee said that people are also watching films on mobile phones these days, but it is not possible to fully enjoy every artistic aspect of a film on the phone. On the question of the possibility of joining politics, he said that he does not understand the world of politics, but he definitely fulfills the responsibility of voting every five years and after that he again gets busy with his work in the entertainment world.

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